Antennas for Amateur Radio

Kelemen Dipole

Kelemenアンテナ 同軸トラップ

Kelemen dipole antennas are light weight multiband trap dipole. The traps are made from teflon isolated coaxial cable. The coaxial traps are very light compared to traditional traps, allowing a better average height above ground. Many portable operations prefer these light antennas because a simple glassfibre pole is often sufficient to lift the antenna. The special traps of Kelemen antennas have a high Q and therefore low losses. All baluns come with a lug for installation.

Kelemen Dipole Antennas
Model Freq.(MHz) Length Max. Power Price
DP-40201510 7, 14, 21, 28 11.6m 400W US$249
DP-WARC+40 7, 10, 18, 24 12.6m  400W US$249
DP-WARC 3Band 10, 18, 24 10m 400W US$189

Ship to Asia/Pacific region for US$15 (except countries and areas designated by Japanese Gov't.)

CHA Hybrid Micro

The CHA Hybrid-Micro is a lightweight highly portable broadband antenna system designed to offer maximum portability and performance. The antenna weights about 1 lb. The antenna will operate at all frequencies in the 1.8-54 MHz band without any adjustment with most modern external antenna tuners. No masts or guying are required. The antenna will work successfully supported by trees, masts, the tops of vehicles or any convenient object or structure. The antenna works most effectively when elevated at a reasonable height.

Frequency: 6M – 160M
Power: 100W SSB
RF Connection:PL-259
VSWR: Subject to configuration
Length: 60’
Weight: 1lb.

Price: US$250.00
Ship to Asia/Pacific region for US$10 (except countries and areas designated by Japanese Gov't.)

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