Privacy Policy

We are serivng in compliace with Japanese law and related regulations for privacy, and protect customer's personal information.

Gathering Personal Information

We will gather personal information, when;

  • a customer submits inquiry to us, and
  • a customer submits order to us.

Purpose of Gathering Personal Information

We utilize the personal information for purpose of;

  • contact with the customer,
  • reply for customer's inquiry, and
  • shipment for the customer.

Providing Personal Information to Third Party

We do NOT disclose any personal information to third party otherwise stated below.

  • To have delivery by logistic operator.
  • If we obtain agreement from the customer.
  • If we have request from Japanese officials, based on Japanese law and regulations.

Notify, Modify and Delete Personal Information

We will accept request from the customer on disclose to him/herself, modify and delete the personal information. We may request to show ID to confirm the request.

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