SDR (Software Defined Radio)


FDM-DUOr SDR Receiver

The FDM-DUO-R is a shortwave receiver which uses state-of-the-art SDR technology, but which can be used like a traditional radio. Familiar operating controls like a large VFO knob, dials for volume, filters and other functions as well as pushbuttons for often used settings lend the FDM-DUOr an ease of use like a classical receiver. Inner values like a fast AD converter and powerful digital processing capabilities are the basis for excellent reception capabilities, like they are known from the FDM-S2 and FDM-DUO.

The nice thing about the FDM-DUOr is, that it can be used with or without a computer. Without computer, the receiver is an excellent companion for the demanding SWL, even when going portable during a vacation. And when working together with a computer, the FDM-DUO-R offers state-of-the-art SDR capabilities like a waterfall display, decoding, recording and much more. The supplied FDM-SW2 software allows the operation of up to 4 receivers at the same time. The manufacturer also supplies an "ExtIO" DLL program, which is required to use the receiver with other software like SDR#, HDSDR, SDR-Radio and more.


Filter board slot(right), Rear panel (below)


FDM-DUOr: $1229.00
Ship to Asia/Pacific region for US$40 (except countries and areas designated by Japanese Gov't.)
Deleivery will be after Jan. 2016, due to strong demand.


FDM-S2 from ELAD

The NEW FDM-S3 is coming soon. Please note S3 is not successor of S2

The SDR receiver FDM-S2 is developed with experiences on the FDM-1. The most important difference between FDM-S1 and FDM-S2 is the AD converter and the directly covered frequency range. Because the AD converter of the FDM-S2 is of a newer generation, it is more efficient: it scans faster and with higher resolution. Consequently the direct (without 'undersampling') covered reception range is increased, with the FDM-S2 up to 52 MHz (FDM-S1: 30 MHz).

The included software "FDM-SW2" offers clean looks, comfortable operation and many inventive features. The FDm-S2 works with free softwares like HDSDR.

FDM-S2: $699.00
Ship to Asia/Pacific region for US$10 (except countries and areas designated by Japanese Gov't.)

FDM-S1 is also available. Please ask us.

Bundle Package with FDM-S2

We offer FDM-S2 and antenna in bundle. Please see here.

ELAD T/R Switch Boni-Whip ML200 Active Loop Antenna TMate2

DX patrol MK3

The DX-Patrol is a SDR receiver with a very wide receiving frequency range. In contrast to the usual cheap USB DVB-T sticks, this receiver has an additional up-converter for shortwave. This is the reason for the wide frequency range from 100 kHz to 2000MHz without gaps. With two independent antenna connectors (SMA) for HF and V/UHF, you can always use the best suited antennas without reconnecting them when changing the bands. For operation with the HF converter, additional band pass filters are provided, resulting in a much better dynamic range and good strong signal handling performance.

Operation of the DX Patrol SDR receiver is possible with any software which supports the RTL2832 based DVB-T stick. Possible programs are (among others):

DX-Patrol MKⅢ

SDR# (Windows)
HDSDR (Windows) (Windows)
SDR Touch (Android)
Gnu Radio (Linux)
and more

Installation of the SDR receiver DX patrol is simple. It is recommended not to use the windows USB drivers but those provided through the 'Zadig' installer. The most programs mentioned above are free software products, you will find installation instructions on the various websites of the program authors. own software or drivers are not provided with the receiver. The connection to the computer is done with USB, a cable from USB-A connector to USB-Mini-B is required. This cable is not included.

For operation on HF, a frequency shift of -40MHz must be set on the software.
Screen shot of SDR# receiving BC band with DX patrol MK3

DX Patrol MK3: $139.00
Ship to Asia/Pacific region for US$10 (except countries and areas designated by Japanese Gov't.)

Colibri DDC SDR

Colibri DDC SDR from Expert Electronics

Colibri DDC SDR is a direct sampling HF receiver (direct down conversion, DDC) with a frequency range from 9KHz to 55 MHz. The AD converter has 14 bit word length, the sample rate is 125MS/s. With the use of oversampling and additional (optional) anti-aliasing filters, the reception range can be extended up to 800 MHz, although with reduced parameters.

A speciality of the Colibri DDC SDR is the Ethernet interface, which allows the receiver to be integrated into a local area network or to be connected directly to one computer. In contrast to other radiso which use USB connections, an Ethernet connection allows for much higher data rates and longer cable distances. Even remote operation over a LAN is possible. Additionally an analog audio output is provided for convenient listening to received signals. The benefit of this output is that the signal is only minimally delayed. The analog output uses a 24 Bit DAC and is suitable for headphones.

Colibri DDC SDR board

The supplied "ExpertSDR2" software offers the display of the entire spectrum up to 62.5MHz as a panorama view. Within the specturm two independant receivers can be places, both offering up to 312kHz bandwidth. Both receive ranges are shown with spectrum and waterfall display. The software offers decoders for all usual modulations like LSB, USB, DSB, AM, S-AM, FM. WFM and CW. The IQ data can be supplied to external program decoders, as well as the demodulated audio data for decoder programs like FLdigi or similiar (requires "virtual audio cable" (not supplied)). Expert SDR2 Sample screen

The Colbri DDC SDR receiver has a 50 Ω SMA antenna input, the same connector as the (optional) external 10MHz clock source. An adaptor cable SMA to PL female is supplied. The required supply voltage is 5V DC.

Technical Specifications
- Freq. Range: 9KHz~55MHz
- Band Scope width: 62.5Mhz
- Independant Receivers: Max. 2
- Spectrum width per receiver: 39, 78, 156, 312kHz
- ADC width, Sample rate: 14bit, 125MSPS
- Blocking Dynamic Range: 110dB
- IMD3 Dynamic Range: 90dB
- I/Q Image Rejection: >110dB
- Internal TXCO: 20MHz, ±0.5ppm
- External 10MHz Clock source: Available, 10MHz
- Audio output (headphones): 32Ω, 30mW
- Input Filter: Low pass filter, Cut off Freq. 55MHz
- LAN Interface: RJ-45, 100/1000Mbit/s, MDI/MDI-X support
- IPConfiguration: DHCP-Server, Client, Static
- Power: DC5V ± 10%, 700mA
- Size, Weight: 64 x 24 x 112 mm, ca 300g

Colibri DDC SDR: $849.00
Ship to Asia/Pacific region for US$10 (except countries and areas designated by Japanese Gov't.)

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