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Please have "made in Japan" goods other than transceiver in your shack.

All of these are small items. So, we re-calculate shipping fee or ship them without any addtional fee, if you have order items on other pages and ship together.

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PZ-58 Screw Plier "Neji-saurus"

PZ-58 ネジザウルス

Able to remove screw, evev if screw head is damaged.

- Multi purpose pliers for removing stuck screws, cutting wire and twisting.
- Elaborate angle of serration also enables you to bite Truss screw(Lower profile dome head).
- Slender design of jaws ideal for work at limited space.
- Comfortable grip made of Elastomer(TPR), also good for global environment.
- ROHS compliant

International patents
- Japan [PAT.3486776]
- USA [PAT.6923097]
- Taiwan [PAT.178742]
- Korea [PAT.919966]

PZ-58 Screw Plier: US$24.99
Shipping fee: Worldwide shipping for US$10.00

RB-270 Spirit Level for Professional Use


Keep your tower, antenna boom and element in right position with professional use spirit level.

Accuracy:Less than ±1.5mm/m=±0.0859°

Length Price (US$) Shipping fee (US$) Total Purchase Price (US$)
 300mm 32.99  10.00  42.99
 450mm 34.99  12.00  46.99
 600mm 43.99  15.00  58.99

A-2011 Spirit Level for Antenna Pole


A small spirit level which can attach antenna pole with Velcro tape. Suitable for field operation. A small compass on the side would be helpful for direction search.

Diameter of bull's eye:14mm
Size: 25×28×36mm
Available mast diameter: 25 - 45mm

A-2011 Spirit Level: US$29.99
Shipping fee: Worldwide shipping for US$8.00

HellermannTyton Insulok Tie

Good quality insulok tie from Hellermanntyton Japan. The photo below shows "AB200-W."

 Type  Length  QTY
Color  Price
fee (US$)
Total Purchase
Price (US$)
 AB200  20cm  100  N  White  6.99  6.00  12.99
 AB200-W  20cm  100  Y  Black  7.99  6.00  13.99
 AB300  30cm  100  N  White  18.99  8.00  26.99
 AB300-W  30cm  100  Y  Black  21.99  8.00  29.99

Scale, Made of Bamboo

scale, made of bamboo,竹尺

Let's check length of your small items exactly. Soft touch and less coefficient of thermal expansion (COE) than it made of metal or plastic. 30cm length.

30cm length scale made of bamboo: US$9.99
Shipping fee: Worldwide shipping for US$6.00

We are looking for other items to introduce them worldwide. Coming soon.
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