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We are pleased to have orders from outside Japan. Please see "Law Compliance" and "Privacy Policy" before using our webshop, as well. For more detail on international delivery, please contact us feel freely.


Order placement
Please send a e-mail to us for your order. Please mention name of products, Pcs. your name, and contact information.
Please e-mail to,
Acceptance of your order
We will send the quotation within reasonable period. Only your order does not constitute sales contract. Sales contract would be concluded at our shipment. We will inform you too, if we can not accept your order.


Once, we can accept your order. We will send quotation.

Price of products
Please note listed prices are selling price for individual consumers. Please contact us for corporate customer.
Shipping Fare
Shipping fare is excluded from price of products. Customer should pay shipping fare for each order. The fare is listed separately, otherwise we will claclulate it at your each order.
All tax at seller's are included in our quotation price. The domestic tax and related cost at customer's country/area are excluded from our selling price. These tax and cost should be paid by the customer.


Due of Paymant
All order amount should be prepaid.
Due date will be informed on the quotations.
Payment method
Paypal and bank transfer are available.
We will charge Paypal and bank commission.
Please see here for detail.
In Case of No Payment
We will cancel your order without notice, if the payment is not made by the due date.

Shipping & Delivery

In-stock Products
Usually, we will ship the products within three to five business days once we confirm your payment.
Out-stock Products
We will inform estimated delivery time at your order. Please make sure your order with your understanding.

Widthdraw of Delivery

If the ordered product is not available due to reasons outside the control of us, we may withdraw from the contract. In this case, the customer will be informed immediately, and we will refund all amount of the order to the customer immediately.


In Case of Initial Defect
Please contact us within fourteen(14) days after delivery. We will exchage it with rthe eplacement or return your payment instead of your return.
In Case of Miss-delivery
Please contact us. We will accept return or exchage.
Return at Customer's Convenience
Please be advised that we can NOT accept any return at customer's convenience.


No guarantee other than it in case of initial defects. Please your understanding.
Some products would be subject of manufacturer's guarantee. Please contact the manufacturer directly.


Seller is not liable for other damages derived from using the products. Seller is not liable for damages on the products derived from grossly negligent of the instructions on the manual of products.


All domestic tax at customer's jurisdiction should be paid at customer.

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