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WSPRlite Propagation and Antenna Tester


Wondering how well your antenna works? WSPRlite with DXplorer will tell you...

The WSPRlite manufactured by SOTABEAMS, U.K. is a special test transmitter that sends a signal to a Worldwide network of receiving stations. When used with our web-based DXplorer system, it's a powerful new way to evaluate antenna performance. Going way beyond antenna modelling or antenna analyzers, this unique system allows you to see how your antenna is performing in its actual location and in real-time! This type of analysis has never been possible before.

- antenna performance testing (great for contesters)
- compare antennas
- compare locations
- test beam antennas
- spot openings when you are out of the shack
...all in a way that has never been possible before!

WSPRlite WSPRlite WSPRlite

WSPRlite: US$69.0
International shipping is available. For detail, please ask us feel freely.

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