Tokyo Ham Fair 2015 (Aug.22-23, Tokyo Big Sight,Tokyo)

Thanks for visiting our booth. As the sales representative of WiMo in Japan, We displayed items below.

Demo. at WiMo booth(Please see page2 for English.)

Display Items

1. Transceivers

Apache Labs SDR Transceiver ANAN-100D
ELAD SDR Transceiver FDM-DUO

2. Accessories

Arlan Communications Headset RS60CF OM Power Bandpass Filter OM-6BPF
Vector Network Analyser
miniVNA Tiny Sold Out
ELAD T/RSwitch Sold Out
RF Explorer
6GHz Portable Spectrum Analyser
RF Explorer
6GHz Portable Signal Generator
W2IHY Audio Equalizer EQ-8
 Peet Bros Weather Station Ultimeter100

microHAM Antenna Switch StationMaster

microHAM CAT Interface microKEYER-2

microHAM Cat Interface DigiKEYER-2

microHAM at Interface USB-3
microHAM at Interface USB-2
microHAM SO2R Controller U2R
microHAM CW Interface CWK  

2. Antennas

Kelemenn Trap Dipole
Portable MLA Alexloop
(Alexloop WalkHam)
Chameleon Antenna
Portable MLA CHA F-loop Sold Out
Chameleon Antenna
Portable MLA
CHA F-loop Plus
SWR Characteristics
Chameleon Antenna
CHA Hybrid + CHA Mil Whip
SWR Characteristics
1.2GHz Panel Antenna PA-23R
HyEndFed End fed antenna for 15m band
Length: 6.8m, max/ Power: 300W
 2m/70cm Indoor Quad Antenna  Sold Out

3. Antenna Accesories

DC12V Rotator
PR-12 Sold Out
SSB Electronik 2m/70cm Dualband Pre-amplifier DBA-270 Sold Out
Bonito Antenna Splitter
Bonito Antenna Combiner
Bonito Active Receiving Antenna Boni-Whip  ELAD Antenna Switch
ELAD Antenna SplitterASA-15 Sold Out ELAD Cross Bar Type Antenna SwitchAMS-33 Sold Out
Pully Wheel WiMo baluns & CMF


ELAD SDR Receiver
FDM-S2 Sold Out
Expert Electronics SDR Receiver Colibri DDC SDR
Funcube Dongle SDR Pro+ SDR Expermental Module
HackRF One Sold Out
Wide Band SDR Receiver
DX-Patrol MK3 Sold Out
ADS-B Receiver 1090-Puck 


Textbook for MLA


Next JARL Ham Fair will be held at Aug.21 and 22, 2016 in Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo Japan.

JARL English page
Tokyo Big Sight (The venue)
Go Tokyo (Official Tokyo travel guide)

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